This coming November 27 and 28, the heads of state and government of the 42 countries that make up the Union for the Mediterranean (27 from the EU and 15 from North Africa and the Middle East) will meet in Barcelona at the invitation of President Pedro Sánchez, who has the European Presidency until December, in a meeting that will be marked by the situation in Palestine. The solidarity movement with Palestine of Catalonia, promoted by the Palestinian Community of Catalonia and the Prou ​​Complicitat amb Israel Coalition, with the support of more than 300 Catalan entities and in collaboration with the anti-racist and migrant movement against Fortress Europe, is working in the organization of actions that we want to reinforce solidarity with Palestine and have a strong impact on global public opinion and in the power centers of Europe.

November 25

Meeting of activists and solidarity organizations with Palestine

Letter of invitation


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November 26

Demonstration 12 noon. “Stop the Genocide in Palestine. No to racist and colonial Europe.”

November 27 and 28

Social summit. For a just peace in the Mediterranean.